Moving – How I did it in less than a Month!


This is Willow, my fuzzy supervisior, “helping” me pack.

As everyone knows, because I mention it often, I am moving. I am moving from a one bedroom apartment to a new one bedroom apartment and will be on the first floor. Yay! No more carrying groceries and laundry up a flight of stairs and I’ll have central air! After several 97 degree weather days that force me to sleep on the couch because that’s where the a/c unit is, I am overjoyed at the opportunity of a new place to live. The other important factor is that I’m doing this on my own, furry four legged helper’s aside. I’m packing everything by myself and moving a lot of it by myself, at least initially I was, I have some friends that are going to help me move things so that’s awesome!

Two things to know about me: 1: I’m an excellent procrastinator 2: I’ve been super busy and tired as of late.

Despite the 2 truths above, I have nearly packed my entire apartment already. No joke.

Initially, I had made this huge grand plan to pack and do it over a month and have things completed on certain days… blah, blah, blah… Best laid plans and all that… I did realize something in this process; by taking the time to plan it out on paper and in my head, I had created a framework that stuck and while I packed, I marginally stayed true to my initial plan.

I needed to pack a bedroom, bathroom, living room, kitchen, and about 4 closets worth of stuff and prep to move. I was under the impression that for the last 4 days of June I would be moving mostly on my own with one day with friends to move the big stuff that would be impossible for me to move.

So here is how my framework and burst packing sessions packed my whole apartment in less than a month, and really more like only a few days of actual packing.

My Framework Philosophy – Pack whatever isn’t essential to daily living or can’t be replaced with disposable and put it in a holding area.

My idea was to prep a lot of stuff in May and then pack it in June. I was to go through my entire closet and remove what was going to be donated and box up off-season clothes, which I did. (You can read about that process here.) I left everything else as if I would normally. 2 boxes to the holding area, one to the donation area. No other prep was done.

My first burst was to pack a box of kitchen stuff, which was all of my cake decorating and baking supplies that rarely get used right now. Also, all yarn was thrown into 2 garbage bags to move. Needles and other knitting paraphernalia were packed in a decorative cardboard box for easier moving. I tackled the bathroom at this time, too.

My second burst was packing up most of my kitchen. I went through my cabinets, put everything in boxes, packed nicely, but not too heavy, and just set everything in the boxes and put them in the holding area. These boxes, although containing all breakables, used no newspaper or bubble wrap for protection. My new apartment is less than a mile from my old one, so I’m not really worried about travel. I got all of my plates, cups, dishes, food storage containers, silverware, kitchen knives, etc packed. Every drawer was emptied and I left only a few mixing bowls, a measuring cup, all my pots and pans, my regular use baking pans and I bought paper plates and plastic silverware. Also, all kitchen appliances are still in the cabinet.

My third burst of packing cleaned out the three hall closets. Lots of junk had been accumulated in these closets, so serious sorting and ruthless decision making was necessary to cut the junk. This mostly consisted of boxes of books never unpacked, random holiday decorations, clothes I’d sorted out a long time ago without ever doing anything with them, trash, and some memories. So I put what I wanted to keep in the now reorganized boxes and move them to the holding area.

My forth and fifth burst of packing haven’t happened yet, but I plan on doing a burst this week sometime and one on the weekend. I really can’t plan them, because they happen in odd bursts of packing energy.

I plan these two areas to be the living room area (and remaining kitchen stuff) and the bedroom area. My plan for my clothes is just like my plan for the kitchen. I will carry them on hangers from my closet to my car to my new closet. (My good friend is going to string some twine or something to wrap around the car and through the windows to make a “clothes” line to hang all my clothes on hangers on. Genius. I was just going to lay them down and pray the stuff didn’t fall of the hangers. Super simple and easy.) I have to clear all my business stuff off my desk and store it neatly and within easy access. My business involves home shows, and I never know when I’ll be doing a show and need to have the stuff available. I have a bookshelf in my room that has to be emptied. It is mostly filled with business storage items, books, and a few knitting odds and ends and balls of yarn. The closet will be emptied of other random items stored in the room will be moved into the holding area. The living room will be simple as well. It’s basically taking books out of the bookshelves and keepsakes out of their current place and popping it in a box. The remaining kitchen items will be packed up and ready to go. I plan to beg my dad (who lives only a mile away) for dinner and not have to cook until after I move.

My moving plan:

I am signing my lease on June 27th. My car will be fully packed with kitchen stuff and Clorox wipes on June 26th. I will sign my lease, drive to my apartment area and take in the cleaning stuff. I’ll wipe down my new cabinets and put all my kitchen stuff away at that time.

My second trip will be bathroom stuff and clothes. Same idea: fill up my car and take whatever it is and move it right to where it goes. Bathroom supplies go right from my car to the new apartment. Toilet paper will go under the cabinet, shower curtain to the curtain rod, etc.

And so, on the 28th my friends are helping move the few big items I have and then it’s just the little stuff remaining.

I’m praying and hoping that everything will go smoothly and it won’t be 100 degrees when I try to do all this.

I had lots of intentions for this move that all never happened, but my overall framework stayed true and I easily, surprisingly enough, got it all done with plenty of time to spare. This is the most ahead of time schedule I’ve ever had on any project and it was completely by accident. Those 1-2.5 hour bursts got a lot accomplished. Hope this little method that I used can help you too.

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